Writers in their natural habitats

I think this has to be one of my favourite photo galleries of all time. In the series entitled, Where I Write, photographer Kyle Cassidy has captured the natural habitat of over a dozen writers – that is, the environment in which they work.

Cassidy started the project when he had a rather serendipitous opportunity to visit the office of science fiction writer, Michael Swanwick.

“It was like I’d cracked open his skull and seen the gears of genius. The best way I can describe it is as a nest, made out of books, as intricate and well assembled as a Nevelson sculpture.”

There is something absolutely mesmerizing for me to look at these wonderfully chaotic and cozy spaces, bookshelves overflowing, kooky keepsakes dotting desks and ledges. The gentle disorder radiates creativity.

Sometimes I get exasperated when the papers and books pile up around my desk. I see those clutter-free-in-20-minutes articles and feel like I should throw everything out and have dust-free empty spaces around me when I work. But looking at these images makes me love my little writing space just the way it is. It’ll never make the pages of Architectural Digest but, like the spaces captured in Where I Write, it’s my own little universe of memories, dreams, ideas and aspirations. And I love it, dust and all.

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